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Digital receiver with high performance, easy to deal with, intuitive. The Radio tracking receiver turns the electromagnetic sign from the transmitter into an acoustic and digital signal, to be  used to identify the direction of the signal where the object carrying the transmitter is located.  Every sign emitted by the transmitter is received acoustically to the speaker and visually through the smitter bar.

It makes the research of our objects, animals or people something accurate and fast. 

· EASY TO USE in any field. Easy to handle with only one hand.
· Internal POWERFUL ANTENNA that provides the highest sensibility and accuracy.
· MEMORIZE UP TO 100 TRANSMITTERS (100 memories, with over 2,700 channels).
· Automatic display LIGHTING (with outdoor sensor light).
· DDC: It has an effective system for detecting the right direction (DDC), through numeric values which help to find the precise address, avoiding problems related to maximum field rebounds.
· AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION: The receiver calibrates automatically the transmitters, detecting any small variation in its frequency, increasing its performance.
· A sign in the display shows when the BATTERY LEVEL is low.
· Allows transmitters from other manufacturers in the frequency of 432, 433 and 434 MHz.
· 5 cm accuracy when locating a transmitter.

Radio location transmitter compatible with the receptor. Where power and lightness come together. Battery operated type 1/3N, which provides a range of 7 days. The low battery detector will warn us 2 days before the battery is fully depleted, making a double tone.

• Its weight is 7.9 gr. (battery included).
• The transmitter has a LED light that let you know when it is operating. This system can be very useful in night searches.
• 433 MHz version is the most powerful legal transmitter that currently exists in the market. Its tubular shape and threaded cap system battery allows to use it to paw or tail when its owner wishes.
• With magnetic switch.

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